Special Session on
Combinatorial and Computational Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

April 13-14, 2013
Boulder, CO

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Special Session Group Picture Back (L-R): Alex Fink, Tyrell McAllister, Luke Oeding, Greg Smith, Jenna Rajchgot, Tai Ha Huy, Ben Wyser
Mid: Anna Bertiger, Kaisa Taipale, Chayapa Darayon, Jim Wolper, Trevor McGuire, Elizabeth Beazley, Zach Teitler
Front: Brian Harbourne, Alex Woo, Hirotachi Abo


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Schedule of talks:

Day Time Speaker Title (click for abstract) Slides
Saturday 8:30 am Tai Huy Ha (Tulane) Regularity of squarefree monomial ideals and vertex decomposable complexes
Saturday 9:00 am Tyrell B. McAllister (Wyoming) Lattice-point generating functions for free sums of polytopes
Saturday 9:30 am Alex Fink (NC State) Matroids and stabilization of K-polynomials Slides
Saturday 10:00 am Luke Oeding (Berkeley) Secant Cumulants
Saturday 10:30 am Chris Peterson (Colorado State) Eigenschemes and deformations in the tangent bundle
Saturday 3:00 pm Peter Trapa (Utah) Applications of Lusztig-Vogan Polynomials
Saturday 3:30 pm Anna Bertiger (Cornell) The Action of $Sp_n$ on $\text{Flags}(\mathbb{C}^n)$
Saturday 4:00 pm Chayapa Darayon (UIUC) Arithmetically Gorenstein and Gorenstein Richardson Varieties in the Grassmannian
Saturday 4:30 pm Ben Wyser (Illinois) Factoring sums of Schubert polynomials Slides
Saturday 5:00 pm Kaisa Taipale (Cornell) Computations in equivariant quantum cohomology of Grassmannians
Saturday 5:30 pm Edward Richmond (UBC) Coxeter groups and Poincaré polynomials
Sunday 8:30 am Greg Smith (Queen's) Nonnegative sections and sums of squares Slides
Sunday 9:00 am Jim Wolper (Idaho State) Estimating the Genus of a Complex Affine Curve using Computational Topology Slides
Sunday 9:30 am Trevor McGuire (LSU) A Combinatorial Algorithm for Generating Free Resolutions of Ideals with Binomial and Monomial Generators Slides
Sunday 10:00 am Jenna Rajchgot (Michigan) "Doubly universal" Gröbner bases
Sunday 10:30 am Brian Harbourne (Nebraska) Conjectural Containments and Counterexamples
Sunday 3:00 pm Dan Bates (Colorado State) Searching for exceptional mechanisms via fiber products Slides
Sunday 3:30 pm Young-Jo Kwak (Japan) Orthogonal groups O(n) over GF(2) as automorphisms Slides
Sunday 4:00 pm Renzo Cavalieri (Colorado State) Polynomiality and Wall Crossings in Hurwitz Theory