IMMERSE Summer 2007

IMMERSE is a program of the University of Nebraska Department of Mathematics. From the IMMERSE home page:
Nebraska IMMERSE is the centerpiece of the Department's MCTP program. IMMERSE has two interweaving components: one that strengthens the preparation of students who are about to enter their first year of graduate study in mathematics (these students are referred to as "pre-grads"), and one that develops the teaching, research, and mentoring skills of graduate students and early-career faculty.

For the pre-grads, the main component of the program consists of two intensive courses: one in algebra and one in analysis. The courses will be at the advanced undergraduate/beginning graduate level. However, rather than working through a textbook, the courses will be structured around the reading of research papers. The IMMERSE course coordinators (two UNL faculty) will select papers that use as tools some of the topics which typically appear in first-year graduate algebra and analysis courses, and then structure the IMMERSE courses around the material of the papers. Each course is team-taught by a pair of early-career faculty, with a mixed group of three first-year and advanced graduate students serving as teaching assistants.

The director of the summer 2007 IMMERSE program was Tom Marley, UNL. The course began June 25 and ended August 2.


Sandy Spiroff, Seattle University
Zach Teitler, Southeastern Louisiana University

Graduate mentors:

Debbie Berg • Christina Eubanks-Turner • Tyler Seacrest

General information:

  1. The syllabus (PDF)
  2. The paper: Reinhold Hübl, ``Powers of elements and monomial ideals,'' Comm. Alg. 33 (2005), no. 10, 3771--3781. MR2175465
  3. Using Maple ``convex'' to draw Newton polyhedra
  4. A Maple worksheet prepared by IMMERSE student Zach Roth (with convenient macros for drawing Newton polyhedra)

Homework assignments:

  1. Week 1 (tex source)
  2. Week 2 (tex source)
  3. Week 3 (tex source)
  4. Week 4 (tex source)
  5. Week 5 (tex source)
  6. Supplemental problems (tex source)

Previous years of IMMERSE:

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