Fall 2023
October 3-5
AMS Central Sectional in Omaha
November 12-14
NMSU Algebra Seminar
Spring 2021
May 1-2
AMS Western Sectional in San Francisco (virtual)
Fall 2020
October 24-25
AMS Sectional in SLC (tentative)
Summer 2020
May 8-10
Macaulay2 internals, Cleveland
May 11-15
Macaulay2, Cleveland
May 16-17
BrianFest, Lincoln, NE
June 22-26
GO 60, Pure & Applied Algebraic Geometry celebrating Giorgio Ottaviani’s 60th birthday, Levico Terme, Italy (tentative)
Spring 2020
March 3
Elina Robeva colloquium visit
March 13-15
AMS Sectional in Charlottesville, VA
March 18-21
Jarek Buczyński visit
Fall 2019
September 19-21
Tommaso de Fernex visit
October 19-20
2nd Biennial Meeting of SIAM Pacific Northwest Section, Seattle University (Thematic Session on Algebra, Geometry, and Applications)
October 24-26
Stefan Tohaneanu visit
December 20-29
Holiday travel to Michigan
Summer 2019
July 9-13
SIAMAG and Bruce Reznick 66 Fest, Bern, Switzerland
August 14-18
Diana to Michigan
Fall 2018
Oct. 20-21
AMS Fall Central Sectional Meeting, Ann Arbor, Michigan (Special Session on Commutative Algebra and Complexity)
Sept. 23-29
Varieties and Group Actions, Warsaw, Poland (https://www.impan.pl/~vat/)
Spring 2018
March 11-15
Brian Harbourne and Juan Migliore visit
Fall 2017
Nov 20-22
University of Washington Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Oct. 12-13
Aaron Bertram visit
Spring 2017
Apr 22-23
AMS Spring Western Sectional meeting, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Fall 2016
Fields Institute Thematic Semester Program on Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry, University of Toronto
Spring 2016
Jan 6-9
Joint Meetings, Seattle (Special Session on Tensor Decompositions and Secant Varieties)
Feb 11-12
Hiro Abo visit
Feb 18
Minnesota (Commutative Algebra Seminar)
Apr 9-10
AMS Sectional Meeting, Salt Lake City (Special Session on Combinatorial and Computational Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry)
Apr 14-15
Ellen Veomett visit
Apr 22-23
Bruce Reznick visit
Fall 2015
Oct 6
University of Utah (Algebraic Geometry Seminar)
Nov 16
Central Michigan University
Spring 2015
Jan 5-6
University of Arkansas
Fall 2014
Dec 5-8
CMS Winter Meeting, Hamilton, ON
Nov 9-15
Tensors in Computer Science and Geometry, Berkeley, CA
Nov 5-9
Jarek Buczynski visit
Oct 22-25
Greg Smith visit
Oct 10-12
WAGS, Moscow, ID
Spring 2014
May 15
Last day of final exams
May 9
Last day of classes
Apr 11-13
Spring 2014 AMS Central Sectional, Lubbock, TX
Mar 26-27
University of Idaho colloquium
Jan 21
First day of classes
Jan 13-18
Queen’s University
Fall 2013
Dec 19
Last day of final exams
Dec 13
Last day of classes
Sept 28-29
Interactions between Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry II, Tulane, New Orleans
Sept 13-15
Kang-Blekherman wedding, Atlanta
Aug 26
First day of classes
Summer 2013
Aug 1-4
SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry, Colorado State, Fort Collins, CO
June 10-Aug 4
Summer classes
Spring 2013
May 16
Last day of final exams
May 10
Last day of classes
May 16-19
Robfest, Ann Arbor, MI
Apr 13-14
Spring 2013 Western Sectional AMS Meeting, Boulder, CO
Jan 22
Spring semester first day of classes
Fall 2012
Dec 20
Last day of final exams
Dec 14
Last day of classes
Dec 3-7
Combinatorial Commutative Algebra and Applications, MSRI
Oct 20-21
2012 Central Fall Section Meeting of the AMS, Akron OH (“Toric Algebraic Geometry and Beyond” and other special sessions)
Aug 27
Fall semester first day of classes
Summer 2012
Aug 4-10
Macaulay2 workshop, Wake Forest, NC
June 4-July 29
teaching Math 275 (Calc 3) at Boise State
Spring 2012
May 12-13
ECCAD, MCAG, Oakland University, Michigan
Apr 14-15
Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium, University of Washington, Seattle
Mar 6-10
Hiro Abo visits Boise State
Fall 2011
Oct 6-9
SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (link)
Oct 22-23
AMS Sectional, Salt Lake City, UT (program)
Summer 2011
May 28-Jun 14
MEGA (Effective methods in algebraic geometry); Stockholm, Sweden (link), Toric Geometry and Applications; Leuven, Belgium (link)
Jun 26-Jul 1
Introduction to Parallel Programming & Cluster Computing, Pocatello, ID (link)
July 25-29
Macaulay2 workshop, IMA, Minneapolis (link)
Spring 2011
Jan 26-29
Jim Wolper visit
Feb 2-5
UIdaho, Moscow
March 18-20
AMS Sectional, Iowa City (link)
March 29
U. Utah
April 1
Idaho State
Apr 20-23
Cleveland State and Kent State
Fall 2010
Oct 3-9
Oberwolfach mini-workshop (link)
Oct 17-23
AIM workshop “Algebraic systems with only real solutions” (link)
Winter 2010
Jan 11-17
Annual meetings, San Francisco
Feb 2
Feb 7-10
Kentucky (Lexington)
Mar 6-7
SLAM (Arlington, TX)
Mar 14-16
Boise State

Apr 17-18 TAGS (Austin, TX)

Apr 22-25
MAGIC’10 (Notre Dame)
Fall 2009
Sept 3-5
Sept 18-23
KUMUNU (Lincoln, NE) and KU (Lawrence, KS)
Oct 9-10
Oct 13-14
Oct 16-18
Nov 13-14
Notre Dame
Nov 18
Nov 23-24
UCSB and Pomona
Dec 4
Texas State - San Marcos
Summer 2009
June 1-July 5
Michigan, Madison, Chicago
July 28-August 15
Recife, Brazil (PASI conference)
Spring 2009
Feb 13
UT Arlington
Feb 23-25
Mar 4
Baylor [changed!]
Mar 23-27
Apr 3-5
NCSU (AMS sectional)
Apr 17
Texas Tech
Apr 22
TCU [changed!]
May 1-3