Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Boise State University

Zach Teitler

Department of Mathematics
Boise State University
1910 University Dr
Boise, ID 83725-1555, USA
Office: MB 233A
Phone: +1-208-426-1086
Fax: +1-208-426-1356

Pronouns: he/him/his


I teach a range of courses, mostly proof-based (or “pure math”) courses for undergraduate and graduate math majors. I also frequently teach multivariable calculus and introduction to proofs, and occasionally other classes: differential equations, linear algebra, and so on.

Student times

I am here to support your learning. I encourage you to meet with me when you feel that you need support or assistance.

In Fall 2021 I will be available:

Student drop-in hours:
Thursdays 10:30am-12:30pm
Student appointment hour:
Thursdays 12:30pm-1:30pm (email me to set up an appointment within this hour in 15-minute segments)
Additional appointments:
Email me to set up an appointment on other days or times

Student times will be remote via Zoom using my office zoom link (listed in Canvas, or email me for the link).

Fall 2021, current courses

Mathematical Proofs & Methods Math 287

Abstract Algebra Math 405

Abstract Algebra Math 505

Previous and upcoming courses


My area of research is commutative algebra and algebraic geometry (MSC 13 and 14).

I study algebraic geometry with actual polynomials, especially Waring rank.

Recent publications

An improved upper bound for the Waring rank of the determinant, J. Comm. Alg., 2020

Unexpected hypersurfaces and where to find them, Michigan Math. J., 2020

A bound for the Waring rank of the determinant via syzygies, Linear Alg. Appl., 2020

On the locus of points of high rank, European J. Math., 2018

The Hilbert scheme of $11$ points in $\mathbb{A}^3$ is irreducible, in: Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry, 2017

Product ranks of the $3 \times 3$ determinant and permanent, Canad. Math. Bull., 2016


Graduate and undergraduate students I have advised.


I am a co-organizer of the Topics in Algebra, Topology, Etc., Research Seminar: TATERS.
See also the Set Theory Seminar, the Mathematics Department Colloquium, and the Computing Colloquium.

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