Special Session on Computational and Algorithmic Algebraic Geometry

October 22-23, 2011
Salt Lake City, Utah

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The topic encompasses the use of computational methods and computer algebra software to study questions and examples in algebraic geometry, as well as applications of algebraic geometry to understand computational problems, improve computing techniques, and develop new software. For example, areas of interaction between algebraic geometry and computation include secant varieties and tensor decompositions; automorphisms of curves over finite fields; integrable systems; and more. Although these topics would be of interest to many attendees of this special session, we are interested in having broad representation within computational algebraic geometry and welcome any topics within or near that field. We are inviting researchers working in this and other areas to provide a sampling of current areas of interest.

Schedule of talks:

DayTimeSpeakerTitle (click for abstract)Slides
Saturday 8:00 AM    
Saturday 8:30 AM    
Saturday 9:00 AM Frank Sottile (Texas A&M) Degenerations of Irrational Toric Varieties. slides
Saturday 9:30 AM Corey F Irving (Texas A&M) Wachspress Varieties.
Saturday 10:00 AM Nickolas Hein (Texas A&M) Beyond the Shapiro conjecture and Eremenko-Gabrielov lower bounds.
Saturday 10:30 AM Abraham Martin del Campo (Texas A&M) The Monotone Secant Conjecture in the real Schubert calculus.
Saturday 3:00 PM Maria Angelica Cueto (Columbia University) Implicitization of surfaces via geometric tropicalization.
Saturday 3:30 PM Haohao Wang (Southeast Missouri State University) $\mu$-Basis of rational space curves of type (1; 1; d-2) and minimal generators for the associated Rees algebra.
Saturday 4:00 PM Hulya Kadioglu (Idaho State University) Classification of 7 and 8 Dimensional Soliton Nilpotent Lie Algebras.
Saturday 4:30 PM Valmira Hoxhaj (Oakland University) Equation of genus 3 hyperelliptic curves over their minimal field of definition.
Saturday 5:00 PM Tony Shaska (Oakland University) Vanishing theta nulls of algebraic curves.
Saturday 5:30 PM Lubjana Beshaj (Oakland University) Theta functions with half-integer rational characteristics for genus three curves.
Sunday 8:00 AM Christine Berkesch (Duke) Tensor complexes.
Sunday 8:30 AM Luke Oeding (Berkeley) Toward a salmon conjecture. slides
Sunday 9:00 AM Hirotachi Abo (University of Idaho) New examples of defective secant varieties of Segre-Veronese varieties.
Sunday 9:30 AM Mohamed Omar (Caltech) Strong Nonnegativity and Sums of Squares.
Sunday 10:00 AM Sonja Petrovic (Penn State) Constructing Markov bases for hypergraphs.
Sunday 10:30 AM Shaowei Lin (Berkeley) Computing integral asymptotics using toric blow-ups of ideals.
Sunday 3:00 PM Jonathan D Hauenstein (Texas A&M) Certifying solutions to systems of polynomial-exponential equations.
Sunday 3:30 PM Chris Swierczewski (University of Washington) Some Computational Problems Using Riemann Theta Functions in Sage. slides
Sunday 4:00 PM Dan Bates (Colorado State) A numerical-symbolic algorithm for computing the geometric genus of a curve.
Sunday 4:30 PM Chris Peterson (Colorado State) Chern Numbers of Algebraic Varieties.
Sunday 5:00 PM    
Sunday 5:30 PM    


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