AMS Special Session on
Combinatorial and Computational Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

April 9-10, 2016
Salt Lake City, UT

This Special Session will bring together researchers working on specific objects or families of objects in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry and those working on combinatorial or computational methods frequently used to study them, in order to encourage cross-fertilization and collaboration. The successful application of combinatorial and computational methods in several different areas of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry unifies topics as diverse as secant varieties, flag varieties, toric varieties, hyperplane arrangements, monomial and binomial ideals, determinantal ideals, and syzygies. The methods used -- Gr\"obner bases, numerical algebraic geometry, statistics, simplicial complexes, and more -- have been applied in areas besides that in which they arose. New applications to tensor eigenvalues and tensor decompositions demonstrate the evolution of these ideas.

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Invited speakers:

Schedule of talks:

Day Time Speaker Title (see AMS web page for abstracts) Slides
Sat., Apr. 9 8:00 am Solomon Akesseh Ideal Containments under Flat Extensions  
Sat., Apr. 9 8:30 am Dominic Searles Schubert polynomials and slide polynomials  
Sat., Apr. 9 9:00 am Kaisa Taipale Quantum equivariant cohomology of Grassmannians via cyclic factorial Schur functions  
Sat., Apr. 9 9:30 am Martha Precup Generalized Kostant Polynomials  
Sat., Apr. 9 10:00 am Robert L Williams Galois Groups of Schubert Problems via Symbolic Computation  
Sat., Apr. 9 10:30 am Dan Bates Choosing a good path for homotopy continuation  
Sat., Apr. 9 3:00 pm Alexandra Seceleanu The Waldschmidt constant for squarefree monomial ideals  
Sat., Apr. 9 3:30 pm Elina Robeva Positive Semidefinite Rank and Nested Spectrahedra  
Sat., Apr. 9 4:00 pm Anna L Seigal Singular Vectors of Tensors  
Sat., Apr. 9 4:30 pm Ashley K. Wheeler Principal Minor Ideals with Matroid Theory  
Sat., Apr. 9 5:00 pm Andrew Berget The internal zonotopal algebra of the dual type B reflection arrangement  
Sun., Apr. 10 8:00 am Edward Richmond Staircase diagrams and the enumeration of smooth Schubert varieties  
Sun., Apr. 10 8:30 am Laura Escobar Toric matrix Schubert varieties  
Sun., Apr. 10 9:00 am Oliver Pechenik Puzzles and equivariant $K$-theory of Grassmannians  
Sun., Apr. 10 9:30 am Brendan Pawlowski Transitions for involution Schubert polynomials  
Sun., Apr. 10 10:00 am Benjamin J. Wyser Mars-Springer subvarieties of symmetric orbit closures and interval pattern combinatorics  
Sun., Apr. 10 10:30 am Peter E Trapa The Lusztig-Vogan bijection  
Sun., Apr. 10 2:00 pm Stefan O Tohaneanu The set-theoretic complete intersection property of some subspace arrangements  
Sun., Apr. 10 2:30 pm Joe Kileel The Chow Form of the Essential Variety in Computer Vision  
Sun., Apr. 10 3:00 pm Federico Castillo The multidegree polytope of an irreducible subvariety of product of projective spaces  
Sun., Apr. 10 3:30 pm Yuan Wang On uniruledness of hypersurfaces  
Sun., Apr. 10 4:00 pm Honglu Fan Chern classes and Gromov-Witten invariants of projective bundles  

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