Math 405/505, Fall 2021 Resources


Class textbook:

  1. Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms by David A. Cox, John B. Little, Donal O’Shea, Fourth Edition, 2015

Additional books

  1. Invitation to Nonlinear Algebra by Mateusz Michałek and Bernd Sturmfels, 2020

  2. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry by Brendan Hassett, 2016

    Advanced abstract algebra:

  3. Rings With Inquiry, by Michael Janssen and Melissa Lindsey
  4. Commutative Algebra, by Andrea Ferretti
  5. Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications, by Thomas Judson
  6. Abstract Algebra by David S. Dummit and Richard M. Foote

    Basic abstract algebra:

  7. Contemporary Abstract Algebra by Joseph Gallian
  8. A First Course in Abstract Algebra by John B. Fraleigh




Websites for class

  1. Boise State Canvas

  2. WebWork

  3. Gradescope

  4. Overleaf

We will also use Zoom (Zoom meeting link posted in Canvas).



  2. Overleaf Tutorials

  3. LaTeX Math for Undergrads

  4. Getting to Grips with LaTeX

  5. Detexify

Accessing MathSciNet and Journals via Library Proxy

  1. Original link to MathSciNet, accessible from campus networks and VPN

  2. Library proxy link to MathSciNet

  3. Library proxies in general: add in front of the URL you want to visit. See Boise State EZProxy “proxy bookmarklet” on Paperpile.